Buyer Representation - Finding You The Right Property

As you have probably discovered by now, finding that ideal ranch with the right acreage, right location and at the right price is no easy task. Dozens of websites with hundreds of ranches creates a mind numbing exercise of sifting through an enormous amount of data. Speaking with all of those different brokers to distill down a few "potential" ranches can be just as taxing. And that’s the easy part. How do you determine that the ranching, hunting, fishing or recreation opportunities meet your needs?

Do you have adequate water rights? Can you get a conservation easement on the property? What kinds of easements already exist on the property? Colorado Ranch Sales was created to provide buyers with a “start to finish” process to help you locate, buy and implement that new ranch or recreation property.

We at Colorado Ranch Sales are also equipped with the skills to assist you with identification and acquisition of income producing farm land. There is still agricultural property available that generates a profit. We can assist you with not only locating the property, but also applying the proper analysis to assure that the subject property can perform as advertised.

Did you know that a large percentage of farms and ranches sold in Colorado never actually get on the market? To find these gems, you will need to be connected with a broker that “connected” in Colorado. By being represented by a broker from Colorado Ranch Sales, you will have the benefit of knowing about these opportunities before they ever show up on the market.

The Process - Requirements Analysis
Prior to presenting any property or ranch to you we will conduct an extensive interview to identify your specific set of requirements. We will fine tune this set of requirements and validate these requirements with you. This will guide us through the search process.

Property Review
Once we have identified a few eligible properties that meet your requirements, we will present these to you for confirmation. At this point we will either preview these properties for you or arrange for you to tour the property.

Negotiating on Your Behalf
When you engage a Colorado Ranch Sales broker to represent you as a buyer, you can be assured that we are negotiating with your best interests in mind. We represent you and only you in the transaction, insuring that your needs and requirements are reflected in the transaction.

Due Diligence

Once you are under contract, there is still a lot of work to be done, and navigating through this process can be overwhelming. This may include reseAarch and validation of water rights, surveys, mineral rights, conservation or other easements, title analysis, etc. This critical process can set the course for a smooth and successful ranch buying experience. At Colorado Ranch Sales we are skilled in all of these areas and have the resources to insure that this process is completed properly.

As you can see, purchasing a farm, ranch, or recreation property is far more complex than purchasing a home. So why trust such an important process to just anyone. Be sure that you chose land and ranch professionals from to locate your property.

Why Choose a Broker from Colorado Ranch Sales
Our brokers specialize in representing buyers and buyer interests. All of our brokers were raised in Colorado and are at least the third generations in their families to broker, farm or ranch land in Colorado. Our participating brokers share an affinity for Colorado’s land and they can help you to assess Colorado land value and the qualities and attributes that a particular parcel of land may or may not possess.

Our extensive network of strategic partners and our participating brokers from a variety of leading brokerage companies, lend us priority access to the premier listings and properties that are available for sale in the state. Many times the most sought after properties in Colorado are never officially listed or placed on the market but are available for sale. Our participating brokers have knowledge of and access to these properties.

You can rely on their comprehensive knowledge of Colorado land, ranches and recreation properties to assist you in your quest, of locating that dream property.

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