Solar Power

The energy of the sun is increasingly being harnessed to provide supplemental or replacement energy for many modern technologies, especially where electricity is not accessible. It has proven to be a valuable economic alternative to technologies that serve remote areas where it is often difficult and expensive to use other forms of fuel energy.

Utilizing solar power in Colorado makes a lot of sense because the state sees over three hundred days of sunshine on average per year. Solar powered livestock watering systems, which are designed to pump water to livestock in remote locations on Colorado ranches and farms, are a growing alternative to current technologies in the state. Portable generators are traditionally powered by increasingly more expensive finite fuels sources like propane, gasoline, or diesel.

Solar powered systems are more efficient and reliable than mechanical windmill technology which requires specialized equipment to operate. Establishing a solar powered water system for livestock diverts animals away from lakes and stream banks to a central water source. This, in turn, minimizes ground erosion, protects vegetation, and reduces pollution in the waterbody.

Solar power is extremely accessible because it can be accessed anywhere the sun shines, and it can be used year-round. Although the initial expense to install a solar powered watering system may be high, the operation and maintenance over the lifetime of the system usually costs less than alternatives that are reliant on other fuel sources.

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