Wind Power

A growing interest in "green" technologies is turning the spotlight on to alternative energy sources that were once considered insignificant in the grand scale of energy production. Wind energy is experiencing rapid growth as a valuable renewable energy source throughout the United States.

While California is credited with launching the industry, the current leaders are Texas, Iowa, Washington state, and Minnesota. Colorado is also becoming a significant contributor to wind farm development, with wind farms popping up all over the plains.

Wind turbines, the individual units that make up wind farms, harness the wind’s energy in Colorado properties that are prone to minimal average wind speeds of 11 to 13mph. Wind farms are made up of a dozen or more turbines erected on adjacent land parcels owned by individuals who are compensated with royalties or lease agreements.

Land owners benefit from the additional income (3K – 6K per turbine) and can get their own energy for free. The downside to being involved in a wind farm is having a constant view of turbines from your property.

The AWEA is the national trade association responsible for creating wind farms and is made up of a combination of turbine manufacturers, project developers, utilities, and experts. Building a wind farm is a major undertaking with significant investment in time and cost. Setting one up requires significant research and a carefully executed series of steps that need to occur.

The effort includes site selection, land access, access to capital, securing zoning and permissions, obtaining equipment, and seeking qualified professionals responsible for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the wind farm for a lifetime of ten to thirty years.

With a growing interest in "green" technologies, utilities are more interested than ever in wind power. Wind energy is the most cost-competitive renewable energy source today and the outlook is positive for wind energy to replace nearly 20% of the nation’s energy usage in the near future.

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